The Ultimate Guide To 15 kv Transformer

15 kV Transformer Transformer is an indispensable power facility in today. It can help us convert the voltage so that our electrical appliances can operate normally. 15 kv transformer is a typically rated voltage transformer in our daily life. Dealim has provided insurance and reliable equipment and service for its customers for the past 15 […]

The Ultimate Guide To Transformer Ratings

Transformer Ratings How much do you know about transformers? The structure of transformers is very complex. Do you know how to choose the voltage rating and power rating of the transformer? Today, DAELIM will take you to learn about transformer knowledge-transformer ratings. DAELIM is famous in the transformer field. Because we have rich production experience. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Electrical Substation Transformer

Electrical Substation Transformer With the continuous development of the world economy and technology, electricity has become an indispensable thing in people’s life and work. Almost everything we see requires electricity. But electricity is not directly available. At this time, we need to convert the voltage into the pressure range that our daily life can use […]

How Much Do You Know About Losses In Transformer

Losses In Transformer The transformer is something we are all familiar with, it can be seen everywhere in our life, and our daily life is inseparable from it. But how much do you know about transformers? Perhaps most people just understand it literally, as a pressure-regulating device. Today, Daelim takes you to learn more about […]

The Ultimate Guide to Core Type Transformers

Core Type Transformers A transformer is an innovative invention in electrical engineering that transfers electricity from one circuit to another without physically touching or changing its frequency, phase, or any other component of the machine. It is by far the most important part of all grid equipment. Different types of transformers are used in different situations. The […]