Substation Transformer


Standard features

Optional features & accessories

• Insulating mineral oil

• 60 Hertz operation

• Externally operated de-energized tap changer with (2)

2.5% full capacity taps above and below nominal

• 65° C average winding rise

• Side/Top mounted bushings

• HV and LV flange connections

• Pressure-vacuum gauge

• Top filter press valve provision

• Liquid level gauge

• Liquid temperature gauge

• Pressure test valve

• ANSI grounding pad

• Drain / filter valve with sampling device

• Tank lifting lugs

• Corrosion resistant nameplate

• ANSI 61 paint finish, 5 mils thickness

• ANSI 70 paint finish, 5 mils thickness


• 55° C 55/65° C average winding rise

• Forced air cooling

• Future fan wiring and control

• Removable radiators

• Pressure relief device

• Winding temperature device

• Sudden pressure relay with or without seal in

• Devices with alarm contacts

• Top filter press valve

• HV & LV air terminal compartments

• HV lightning arresters in ATC

• Current transformers

• Neutral grounding resistor • Special impedances

• Low losses

• Special environment (i.e: classified areas)

• Special / low sound level • 50 Hertz

• Retrofit to specific dimensions

• Special colors • CSA compliance


up to 44kv

Power Rating

up to 15 MVA



Daelim skid substation transformer In Australia

The picture on the right is a substation transformer project of an Australian client in Daelim, this photo was sent to Daelim by the client. The customer established contact with Daelim in 2019, and started to cooperate with the transformer project. We communicated fluently between us, timely feedback and follow-up on the customer’s project situation, transformer technical details, etc., and we are still cooperating until now. Customers purchase many skid substation transformers from Daelim every year, the voltage levels are 1kV, 11kV, 15kV, 35kV, and the capacity rating from 1000kva to 7500kva.

daelim substation transformer (6)
daelim substation transformer (9)

Daelim substation transformer In Canada

On the left is the 44kV 5000kVA substation transformer project for a Canadian client of Daelim. This customer started to cooperate with Daelim in 2018. We have a professional marketing team to solve business problems with customer, and a professional engineer team to help customer solve technical problems and give technical solutions. The Daelim team helped this client win many bidding projects, including single-phase transformers, three-phase pad mounted transformers and substation transformers. Daelim and this customer have orders for more than 100 sets transformer every year.

Daelim substation transformer For Crypto Mine In Venezuela

This is a Venezuelan customer of Daelim, who is a Bitcoin mining farm. At the end of 2019, he bought four sets 35kV 4500kVA substation transformer in Daelim and used them in a 20MW Crypto mine. The transformers have been operating safely for nearly two years now. Customer feedback says that Daelim’s transformers are of good quality. In the past two years, the bitcoin industry has risen rapidly, and our client is also expanding his mine. Last year, he purchased four sets 5000kva mini substation transformer again. In March this year, 6 sets of 6MVA transformers were purchased from Daelim.

daelim substation transformer (10)
daelim substation transformer (11)

Daelim mini substation transformer In Mexico

Pictured left this skid substation transformer is a client from Mexico. In 2018, this client found Daelim on the Internet. This is a replacement project(power transformer), our professional sales team and engineering team left a deep impression on the customer, and the customer finally chose Daelim from many suppliers for cooperation.