How to purchase a 10 mva substation transformer

purchase 10mva substation transformer

This article is about how to purchase a 10 mva substation transformer, through the description of the 10000 kva substation transformer

About the capacity, the classification, the 10mva substation transformer price, the delivery of the 10 mva transformer……
We Daelim Belefic, have exported to many countries the substation transformers, we can meet the IEEE standard and CSA standard, we can provide you a satisfying transformer. As below, it is a 10 mva substation transformer we produced, we met the lead time and provided the best price and service.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What is the capacity of this 10 mva substation transformer?

The capacity of this substation transformer is 15000 kva, kVA is kilovolt-ampere, it is a unit for the apparent power in an electrical circuit, 15000 kva =15mva, so 1mva=1000kva.
If the capacity of this substation transformer is 10000 kva, it is a unit for the apparent power in an electrical circuit, 10000 kva =10 mva, so 1mva=1000kva.
The pad mounted transformer and substation transformers are widely used in the BTC or other cryptocurrency mining industry.
For example, one 10MW bitcoin mine, it will need 4 units 2500kva pad mounted transformers or substation transformers. One 20 MW Bitcoin mine, the solution we can give you is:

1. 8 units 2500kva pad mounted transformers or substation transformers

2. 7 units 3000 kva pad mounted transformers or substation transformers

3. 10 units 2000 kva pad mounted transformers or substation transformers
There will have a lot of ways, also the most important thing is the location of the project, if the project located in the USA, we need to consider DOE effciency, the cost will be much higher.


Classification of the 10 mva substation Transformers (tamper-proof)

There are two kinds of substation transformer, one is tamper-proof, one is with the conservator.

The tamper-proof is like the pad mounted transformer, have no exposed bolts. For the substation transformer, the tamper-proof is without the conservator.

The other type is the substation transformer with the conservator.

What is the conservator?

(1) In order to make the transformer oil tank full of oil under any temperature and operating conditions.
(2) In order to ensure that the transformer body and the lower part of the bushing can be reliably immersed in the oil, safe operation is ensured, and the design size of the bushing can be reduced.
(3) The transformer oil is only in contact with the air in the oil pillow (some are also equipped with a capsule respirator), and the contact surface with the air is reduced, so that the moisture and oxidation opportunities of the transformer oil are reduced, and the oil temperature in the oil pillow is higher than that in the oil tank. Low, it also slows down the oxidation rate, which is beneficial to slow down the aging of the oil.
(4) A gas relay can be installed between the connecting pipes of the oil pillow and the oil tank.
(5) The moisture absorbed by the transformer oil from the air will be deposited in the dirt collector at the bottom of the oil pillow for regular release, so that the moisture will not enter the fuel tank.
Transformer oil pillows are available in three forms: corrugated, capsule, and diaphragm.
When the volume of transformer oil expands and shrinks with the change of oil temperature, the oil pillow plays the role of oil storage and oil replenishment. Some oil pillows are also equipped with diaphragms or capsules or metal expansion boxes to prevent oil and air from being oxidized and damped. An oil gauge tube is installed on the oil pillow to observe the change of oil level. The lower part of the oil pillow is provided with a sludge collector, which is used to collect mechanical impurities, sludge and moisture deposited in the oil.

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What is the price of the 10 mva substation transformer?

How much is one 10 mva substation transformer?
The price for the 10 mva substation transformer, there are many influencing factors. One of them is about the choice of materials, and some factors are about the choice of brand. If the accessories require well-known brands, it will have a certain impact on the price and will also have a certain impact on the delivery time.
First, the material of the winding, if the requirement is cu, the price will much higher, if the winding is AL, the price will lower. If the capacity is more than 3000kva, the winding should be cu. Because if the winding is AL, with large capacity, the size of the transformer will bigger, may can’t ship by container.

Copper has better electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is more used in large transformers, that is, transformers with larger capacity. But the price of copper is very volatile, and the price is much higher than AL.

The price of aluminum is relatively stable, and cheaper. and it is less used in large transformers, but its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are weak.
Second, the material of the tank, if the tank is stainless steel, the price will much higher, if the tank required carbon steel, the price will lower.

The stainless steel price will higher than the normal steel.
Third, the insulation oil is a very important influencing factor for the price, there are two type oil, one is mineral oil, the other one is vegetable oil.

The vegetable oil will more expensive than the mineral oil, because the vegetable oil is more safe than the mineral oil.
Transformers are an essential part of power generation, transmission, and distribution, and most power transformers rely on liquid dielectrics as insulating media and heat transfer.
Currently, the most commonly used liquid dielectric is mineral oil, which is produced from mid-range petroleum-derived fractions.

In recent years, concerns have been raised about the presence of PAHs in mineral oils, which are easily released into the environment in the event of a transformer fire or explosion.
This situation puts mineral oil transformers under scrutiny in sensitive areas such as inside buildings, residential areas, and near schools or hospitals.

Human health and environmental concerns have prompted efforts to develop alternative transformer insulating oils for these sensitive areas. Among them, vegetable oils have received the most attention, and a few laboratories have carried out research on the characteristics and properties of vegetable oils.
Fourth, the other one important influencing factor to the substation transformer price is the accessories.

The common accessories are 1. Oil level gauge, 2. oil thermometer, 3. Vacuum pressure gauge  4. Vacuum pressure gauge, 5. Winding Thermometer, 6. sudden pressure relay, 7. pressure relief device…

There will have different brand requirement, if have no requirement, no specify brand, we will provide our solution, our accessories are all high quality, we exported them for a long time, we will use the best brand made in China,

If there have requirement, with contact, or required the import accessories, the price will much higher, and the lead time will longer.
Fifth, the test. We will do the routine test if have no request, as the standard. If some form of testing is required for testing, it will not be included in the standard product price range, these special testing experiments will be charged separately and additionally.

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The specification for the 10 mva substation transformer

Product name

Substation Transformer

High Voltage

110kv, 121kv, 220kv or others

Low Voltage

6.3kv, 6.6kv, 10.5kv or others

Rated Capacity

6mva to 60mva



Core an Winding material

CRGO Slicon Steel Metal Core, Copper Winding

On-Load Tap Changer

Germany MR or Huaming China or Changzheng China or ABB


Provide 24 months gurantee period normally

The capacity of 15000 kva should be a substation transformer or a power transformer.
So first, for the high voltage, there are 10 kv class, 25 kv class, 35 kv class, and 69 kv class, 110 kv class…..  usually, the 10 kv class, 25 kv class, are distribution transformers, so for the 15000 kva capacity, the high voltage can be 35kv, 69 kv, 110 kv…..
The insulation oil can be mineral oil, then the cooling type should be ONAN, if need fans, should be ONAF; If the insulation oil is the vegetable oil, the cooling type should be KNAN, if have fans, the cooling type should be KNAF.
In the CSA/IEEE standard, if the capacity more than 500kva, the impedance should be 5.75 %.
Besides the basic TRANSFORMER CHARACTERISTICS, like the connection type, the BIL of primary voltage and secondary voltage, the accessories… For this type substation transformer or power transformer, will have more requirement.
The tank material, should have 4 lifting lugs, the handleholds. The type of the radiator,

Cooling medium and circulation method.
Oil immersion self-cooling: The winding and iron core are directly immersed in the transformer oil, and the purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the convection of the oil and the radiation effect of the radiator.
Oil-immersed air cooling: On the basis of oil-immersed water cooling, a fan is installed on the heat sink, and when the oil temperature reaches the specified value, the fan is started to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.
forced oil circulation
Forced oil circulation air cooling: the oil pump is used to force the oil to accelerate the circulation, and the transformer oil is cooled by the radiator fan.
Forced oil circulation water cooling: The oil pump is used to force the oil to accelerate the circulation, and the transformer oil is cooled by the water cooler to dissipate heat.
Forced oil circulation leads to water cooling: By means of forced oil circulation, the cold oil passes through the winding and the inside of the iron core along a certain path to improve the cooling method of heat dissipation efficiency.
Meaning of cooling method

The cooling method is determined by the cooling medium and the circulation method. For oil-immersed transformers, it is divided into the internal cooling method of the oil tank and the external cooling method of the oil tank, so the cooling method of the oil-immersed transformer is composed of 4 letters


The work environment of the 10 mva substation transformer

1. The Elevation above sea level is about 200 m or lower

2. The Minimum ambient temperature is – 30℃

3. The Maximum ambient temperature is 40 ℃

4. The Installed location is outdoor
For a transformer with Class A insulating material, when the maximum ambient temperature is 40°C, the allowable temperature rise of its windings is 65°C, while the upper oil temperature is 55°C.

The maximum allowable temperature of Class A insulating material is 105°C, and the average temperature of the transformer winding is generally 10°C higher than the oil temperature. Therefore, it is stipulated that the upper oil temperature of the transformer should not exceed 95°C. In order to prevent the transformer oil from over-oxidizing, the upper oil temperature is generally It should not exceed 85°C. For water-cooled or air-cooled transformers with forced oil circulation, the upper oil temperature should not frequently exceed 75°C. Therefore, the oil temperature of the upper layer and its temperature rise do not exceed the allowable value when the transformer is running.

The delivery of the 10 mva substation transformer

The equipment shall be completely assembled and tested before shipment, disassembled if required for shipment and all parts match-marked to facilitate assembly and erection.

The unit shall be suitably braced and packed for shipping to prevent breakage and distortion which in transit.

All crates, boxes and cartons shall be clearly marked so that equipment can be readily identified. Shipping invoices shall show the crate, box or carton identification number.

Before delivery, our factory will first perform routine testing according to the standard requirements. After ensuring that every data is correct, we will send the test report of each unit to the customer for confirmation. After there is no problem, we will arrange packing and delivery goods.
When packing, if the capacity is small, pallet packaging is required, and if the capacity is large, it will be packed in an all-wooden box. Since there are regulations on wood when exporting goods, and all wood products must be fumigated and provided to customers, customers need to provide this certificate when picking up the goods.

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