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GSU Transformer

GSU transformers are the critical link between the power station and the transmission network, and are often run at full capacity day and night. They must be able to withstand extreme thermal loads without premature aging.Today Daelim takes you to understand the basic knowledge of GSU transformer.

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Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What is a transformer?

Transformer is just a device, it uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change alternating voltage. The main function is voltage conversion, in order to facilitate the transmission of power. The ordinary transformer boosted by the step-up transformer can reduce the loss of the line, improve the economy of power transmission and achieve the purpose of long-distance power transmission.

GSU generator step up transformer

Gsu transformer, we also say it is step-up transformer, It is a transformer that can start the voltage instantaneously and it is used to convert a low value AC voltage into another higher value AC voltage in the same frequency. A generator step-up (GSU) transformer can boost the voltage of the generator to a transmission level higher than 230 kV. A high current is normally circulated at the low voltage terminals of the GSU transformer. The generator step-up transformer (GSU) is a very critical link between the power station and the transmission network system, often operating at full load day and night without interruption. They must be able to withstand extreme thermal loads without premature aging.

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GSU transformer substation

The gsu can boost the voltage of the generator voltage level to a suitable transmission voltage level. These transformers are built in power stations as single-phase or three-phase units. gsu is designed and manufactured with two (2) basic technologies: core and shell. Shell transformers are both primary and secondary surrounded by an iron core. For iron core transformers, cylindrical windings cover the iron core. At present, there are few domestic transformer manufacturers and they can effectively boost the voltage instantaneously, but Daelim can produce according to the needs of customers. The gsu transformer has a relatively strong boosting ability and it can boost effect during instant startup that will be better. However, the off-excitation voltage regulating switch does not have the ability to shift gears with load.

Is your power plant financially prepared for the failure of a gsu transformer? 

As one of the important components of a power generation facility, the GSU is the interface between the power station and the grid. Due to their size and complexity, these transformers require unique customization and can require long lead times for replacement in today’s market. At Daelim we provide you with the shortest delivery time and the most professional service.

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The loss of GSU transformer 

It can be divided into three categories: copper loss; winding end loss, bus eddy current loss. Although several external events such as surge voltages, overloads and lightning strikes are responsible for the failure of the internal insulation of power transformers, many other technical issues can arise due to eventual failures during the design and manufacturing process. For example, ferromagnetic components outside the core may overheat due to induction by leakage flux, resulting in the formation of flammable gases that dissolve in insulating oil.

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How does a generator step-up transformer work?

Long term aging resistant GSU transformers are loaded 24/7 at 100% rated load year round.

It must be able to withstand the thermal load of the high current fed into its windings from the generator without overheating, which would shorten its useful life due to accelerated aging.

Our designers must account for high currents, magnetic fields, high stress areas, oil flow and heat exchange in each part of the winding to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Sophisticated Thermal Test Procedures Standard factory thermal run tests sometimes check for thermal weaknesses, which will prove to be very apparent when they occur during operation.

Our thermal calculation design software can accurately calculate the temperature of each part of the winding.

Fiber optics are used in the windings to verify that the hot spot temperature remains within acceptable limits, while thermal imaging cameras are used to verify the temperature of all external components. The software is continuously updated and validated against these accurate temperature measurements. True Mission Critical Operation Whether your power plant is nuclear, coal, oil, gas, hydro, wind or solar, Daelim understands the importance of GSU transformers. Any disruption to the supply of these units could result in a catastrophic loss of income for the owners. For example, a three-month shutdown of a 500 MW installation can result in a loss of revenue equal to 20 times the purchase price of a power transformer. Rigorous design rules combined with in-depth knowledge Delivering quality GSU transformers requires the application of precise design rules by experienced designers. Since each transformer is customer-specific, designers must also have a deep understanding of each customer’s power system and operating practices.

The function of GSU transformer

The generator transformer is the largest transformer on a power station and connects the generator output to the grid.

There is a generator transformer for each generating unit and it is rated according to the size of that unit. Like any other oil-filled transformer, the generator transformer should be located within an outdoor compound, protected by a high pressure water-spray fire protection system and surrounded by a bund wallcapable of containing not only all of the oil contained in a single phase transformer, but also the discharge from the fire protection system over the whole bank of transformers on that raft following rainfall prior to the incident. For the generator transformer this could mean up to 320 000 litres, of oil and water mixture. Also, as any other oil-filled transformer, the raft must drain into a special system equipped with an oil separator and interceptor, and there must be no possibility of puddles forming or being left after a spillage. However, certain other considerations determine the location of the generator transformer. The advantage is that it is small in size and light in product quality, and it is widely used in construction projects where the voltage is too long to meet the needs of the voltage used, as well as the use of under voltage compensation in different occasions such as imported equipment and different voltage levels abroad.

It must be as close to the generator as possible so as to keep the main connections as short as possible.

The generator transformer is one of the heaviest loads delivered to site so its location will seriously affect the position of the site perimeter road along which it must be delivered and from which it must be manoeuvred into position.

Its cooler bank needs an area of approximately nine times its own plan area to be free of major obstructions over 1.3 m high, although this area may include fences and roadways.

Why generator transformers are step up type?

All single phase units of a similar rating are currently designed to be interchangeable. This means that all their interface dimensions shall be the same and there shall always be the same distance between the individual phases forming the three-phase unit. This dimension is 4.9 m for the 800 MVA transformer and 5.1 m for the 1145 MVA transformer.

Whilst the oil connections to any transformer tank are identical, the location of the conservator and cooler bank within the compound can be adjusted to suit any particular site. On early designs of single-phase generator transformers, the LV delta was formed in an oil-filled delta box which spanned the three tanks, but this has now been superseded by making an air-cooled delta in the main connections just before they connect onto the transformer. Mounted on the main connections just prior to the delta are the protection current transformer. These transformers and the delta need to be supported in position and if the route of removal of the transformer unit is underneath this support then adequate clearance must be provided.

On the more recently-built power stations, the HV connections from the generator transformer have been made through SF6 (sodium hexafluoride) insulated isolator and earth switches into 400 kV cables which then run in concrete troughs out to the grid substation. This gives a much more compact arrangement than the air-insulated equipment and overhead connections previously used. It also improves access and site safety because there are no longer 400 kV overhead wires crossing the site perimeter road.

Each transformer has a cooling system comprising two oil pumps and four cooler fans. All of these are supplied and controlled from the transformer marshalling kiosk which is located just outside the bunded area. The marshalling kiosk also controls the on-load tap changer and marshalls all local cables for alarms, etc., originating on the transformer.

What is the use of generator transformer?

The most basic power system components are generators, transformers, transmission lines, buses, and loads. They allow electricity to be generated (generators), converted from one voltage level to another (transformers), transmitted from one location to another (transmission lines), distributed between multiple transmission lines and power transformers (buses) , and by the consumer (load). During this process, power system components are being switched or connected in a variety of different configurations using circuit breakers and associated switches. Circuit breakers are capable of interrupting the flow of electricity at high energy levels and can therefore also be used to disconnect system components in an emergency, For example in the event of a component failure Since the construction of the power system covers a large geographical area, the power system components are scattered over the area and interconnected with the transmission lines. The groupings of components related to generation, conversion, conversion or consumption are called power plants (generation and conversion), substations (conversion and conversion), and load centers (conversion, conversion and consumption). In turn, the associated monitoring, control, protection and communication equipment are also located in the aforementioned facilities.

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GSU transformer manufacturer

Daelim has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of transformers to design, engineer and manufacture high quality electric products and equipment to our customers. Daelim’s technical team has rich experience in overseas transformer projects, and can design GSU transformers according to project needs and technical requirements. Daelim’s transformers have UL/CUL, CSA, CNAS, SGS and other certificates and reports. The warranty period of the transformer is at least two years, and the quality is guaranteed. You can buy Daelim’s GSU transformer with confidence.Welcome to cooperate with us.

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