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In this article we are going to talk about Daelim 1000KVA pad mounted transformers, how does it works, different types and configurations. After 15 years of experience, Daelim can provide you the best solution for your project.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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In general, Pad mounted transformers are equipment mainly used for the distribution of energy.

Our pad mounted transformers are connected to underground utility distribution lines, to reduce the primary voltage to the secondary voltage to be supply to the final customer.

There are different type of Pad mounted transformers depending on their configuration, design, etc.


The first classification we will make will be single phase pad mounted and three phase pad mounted.

At the same time, these have two different types of configurations, radial feed (three HV bushings) and loop feed (six HV bushings) . This configuration is based on the type of circuit where the transformer will be installed.

In the picture below we can see the two types of configuration.

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To be more specific, in this case, we are going to talk about DAELIM 1000kVA Pad mounted transformer. (A 1000 kVA transformer refers to a distribution transformer with a rated capacity of 1000 kv)

These type of transformers are normally installed outdoor, placed on a pedestal, inside a tank made by mild steel material or stainless steel material, with two doors and a door lock to guarantee their safety. 1000kVA pad mounted transformers can work at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees and 1000m altitude above sea level.

They are made to optimize the efficency to the maximum and footprint, Daelim 1000kVA pad mounted transformers use aluminum or copper windings and have a customizable input and output voltage.

The core could be divided in two different types, for one side, the three-legged core design, used for Dyn1 vector group. The three-legged core is manufactured using high quality equipment for the maximum efficiency.

On the other side, we have five-legged core design, used for YNyn0 vector group and other special transformer designs.

Both cores are manufactured with precision, high quality equipment, made by grain-oriented silicon steel.

Daelim has over 15 years of experience in 1000kVA Pad mounted transformer design and production. Daelim can design and manufacture transformers according to your needs. A professional team of engineers can guarantee your power supply.

The design of the transformer and the materials applied on them, are created to low the losses, minimize their volume, offering safety and protection to the customers and the environment, thus reducing the risk of accident. They have an attractive appearance and their design is made to optimize their efficiency.

They are protected with a bay-one fuse and sensing fuse link on the high voltage side, and on the low voltage side with a secondary circuit breaker for over load protection.

Thanks to their compact structure, safe and their characteristics, Daelim 1000kVA Pad Mounted Transformers are ideal for residential use, hospitals, commercial areas, schools, industrial plants, etc.

In terms of regions, these transformers are most widely used in American countries.


Connection and neutral configurations


Bushings (High Voltage and Low Voltage):

Primary voltage 15, 25, 35kV, Secondary voltage 120/208V, 277/480V, 415/240V.

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  • Bay-o-net fuse
  • Load-Break switch
  • Parking Stand
  • Five-position Tap Changer
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Thermometer
  • Drain Valve
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Let’s know learn more about the AUSTRALIA CUSTOMER

1000kva pad mounted transformer STANDARS

These standards cover certain electrical, dimensional, mechanical characteristics, and tests requirements of the transformers and take into consideration certain safety features of transformers.

The used of these standards is aimed as a basis determining performance, certain rules of manufacturing, safety of the equipment covered, and to assist in the proper selection of such equipment.

In this case we are going to focus in the standards that our 1000kVA Pad Mounted transformers.

As we mentioned before, Daelim follows strict rules to make sure the transformers follow some performances, rules of manufacturing, safety of the equipment, etc.

After sales, all our transformers have two years of warranty, if any issues happen in those two years, the customer can contact us directly or our services partners. Also, to guarantee the application of these standards, Daelim can arrange a third party inspection before delivery.

Daelim will solve the difficult of our customers in order to ensure the product put into operation as soon as possible. Daelim will cooperate with the customers to find the best solution for the issues happened and at the same time improve the quality of the transformers, offering a good service after sales to our customers.

For Daelim, we always pay attention to the transformer quality, design, manufacturing, testing, etc. Our 1000kVA pad mounted transformers strictly follow the CSA, ANSI, DOE, IEEE standards.

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After 15 years of experience, we can manufacture 1000kVA specially for outdoor project installation with cabinets, that can meet C57.12.34 and C57.12.28 standards.


All our Daelim transformers follow the dimensions according to the international standards. In this article we are talking about our 1000kVA pad mounted transformer, and for this transformer the estimated measurements are about the follow sizes:

Depth: 1400mm

daelim 1000kva pad mounted transformer (7)

Width : 1700mm

daelim 1000kva pad mounted transformer (8)

Height: 1900mm

daelim 1000kva pad mounted transformer (9)

All the dimensions are for reference.

The weight of the oil is around 1100kg, being the total weight 3200kg.

daelim 1000kva pad mounted transformer (10)

All the weight measurements are for reference.
These types of transformers are immersed in mineral oil, following the IEEE C57. 12.00 standard.

Daelim 1000kVA pad mounted transformer are available with electrical grade mineral insulating oil or FR3 fluid. The applied liquids are to improve the efficiency, in this case of the 1000kVA pad mounted transformer, to low the risk of accidents, and the most important, to collaborate with the environment.

FR3 fluid can improve the fire safety of the transformer, have environmental benefits and can make longer the life time of the 1000kVA pad mounted transformer.

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1000kva pad mounted transformer Packing

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Packaging is one of the most important part of the transformer shipping process, because this must be established in such a way as to guarantee a safe transport of all the material, in this case our Pad Mounted Transformer, considering the weather and transport conditions they will be subject.

Good packaging must follow certain rules to avoid damage to its structure or its components, caused by unintentional blows during transport and storage and at DAELIM we offer quality in terms of packaging and shipping method for our transformers.

There are different types and materials for packaging, depending on the type of the transformer and the requirements of our customers, but in this case, we are going to talk about our Pad Mounted Transformer packaging.

In this case, for our Pad Mounted Transformer, the packaging that we will use will be wooden case or wooden pallets. This type of packaging offers a safe way to transport the transformer and its components.

DAELIM follows the requirements for the making and reinforcement of packing boxes were strictly in accordance with the international standards.

As we have mentioned before, DAELIM offers the best solutions for its customers, and in terms of packaging it is one of them.

15 years of experience in different countries, has made DAELIM achieve good packaging and fast delivery time, satisfying our customers all over the world.

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A transformer is the main component in crypto mine, and t his year bitcoin miners has become a great opportunity for many countries . Because of that, Daelim has received many inquiries for bitcoin projects, giving us a rich experience in this market.

This has been a great opportunity for many countries, but specially for North America , which has made its market grow faster, specially for pad mounted transformers.The complete power system starts with the main transformer. This transformer is used to step the utility voltage from 12,000V-36,000V down to either 480V, 415V or 208V.

In this case, Daelim 1000 kVA Pad mounted transformer are specially produced for places of large-scale electric distribution, and is perfect power supply for crytocurrency mining. Our 1000kVA Pad mounted transformer has been applied in many mayor bitcoin mining areas in America market.

The primary voltage is the one that provide the utility, and the secondary voltage is the one that will provide the power for the cryptomine.

In resume, for your cryptomine solution, if you have the choice, better choose a 415/240V three phase Pad mounted transformer. This type of transformer provides the best and highest efficiency and has the lowest circuit breakers costs in the main panel.

One of the main advantages of DAELIM for this industry is its production time, being 6-8 weeks for pad mounted. Besides production time, Daelim has many years of experience and a great team of professionals, which has made this last year, our company exported a large number of units destined for Cryptocurrency minning projects in US.

If you are looking for a professional transformer manufacturer, you can contact Daelim.

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