15kva transformer Tips

15kva transformer Tips

There are many kinds of power transformers. Different kind of power transformer has different use of place. Here I will talk about something of 15kva transformer from our Daelim.

DAELIM BELEFIC has 15 years history in the field of power transformers.We do as the concept of DAELIM EDGE+ADVANTAGE and it allows us to become the brand we are today. We thought how to bring rock star electrical products to clients at the highest level. We follow this EDGE that we all posses here at DAELIM BELEFIC. We bring that edge every time we innovate a product, we bring it when we deliver our product line to clients and we bring it when we deal with our long-term clients who have become partners with us. We’re on a path to be the leading electrical transformer manufacturer in the world and we’re taking all our clients with us. We’re doing this on the back of our DAELIM BELEFIC EDGE+ADVANTADGE and we want you with us for the ride. We offer our customers a variety of standards with this philosophy, cutting edge service/speed and expert-level customization skills.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What is a 15 kva transformer?

15kva is a transformer with rated capacity, rated voltage and rated current are all very small.

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15kva Transformer Amps

The power factor of the transformer is generally 0.75~0.85, here is 0.8, 15*0.8=12kw, the load power factor is 0.8, the secondary current is I=12000/220*0.8≈68A, the primary can be obtained from the following relationship

380/220=68/I at the beginning, I at the beginning ≈ 39A.

What is kva?

kva is a guaranteed value of the output capability of a transformer under rated conditions. Due to the high operating efficiency of the transformer, the rated capacity design values of the primary and secondary windings are usually equal. kva is the capacity in the transformer, kva is the apparent power, and its size is related to the power factor.

Types of 15kVA transformer

Transformers with 15kva capacity are mainly used for single phase transformers (for single phase loads) and three phase transformer banks. Single phase pad mounted transformer. It is used for occasions with lower voltage and lower requirements for power supply. 

15kva Single phase transformer

Simply put, it is a 220V transformer. Determining the capacity of a single-phase transformer is the process of determining the power supply range of a single-phase transformer. When determining its power supply range, the basic principle of “small capacity and tight distribution” should be followed. The power supply range of a single-phase transformer should not be too large, and the power supply density should be minimized. At the same time, the capacity of the single-phase transformer is also closely related to the installation method. The installation method of the single-phase transformer is generally single-pole column installation. Since the single-phase transformer has only two low-voltage windings, under the same capacity, the low-voltage rated current of the transformer is higher than that of the transformer. 

There are 50% more three-phase transformers, so the specific capacity of single-phase transformers can be determined. The single-phase transformers produced by Daelim can be configured with a rated current of 5kva-167kva according to the range of high voltage and low voltage. And the technical and economic performance has also been improved compared to before. On the basis of S9 series, S11 series products reduce the no-load loss by 30% on average; no-load current is reduced by 70-85% compared with S9; It can still operate for a long time under the conditions of high temperature; the operating noise of the product is reduced by 2-4 decibels on average. Our single-phase on-column type has been put into use by Canadian customers, and the response is particularly good. It is suitable for the collective electricity demand of urban or rural residents.

How much does a 15 kva transformer weight?

The 15kva single-phase transformer produced by our Daelim is an oil-immersed transformer.

Oil-immersed transformer is a new type of high-performance transformer with more reasonable structure and better performance. Its three-dimensional wound core is an equilateral triangle because it has three core legs for support. Three-dimensional arrangement, there is no air gap between the magnetic circuits, the windings are tighter, the three magnetic circuits are the shortest and have the same length, and the cross-sectional area of the core leg is closer to one turn, so the performance is further improved, and the loss is reduced. Noise reduction, balance of the three, and reduction of the third harmonic component. This oil-immersed transformer from Daelim is more suitable for power grid transformation of urban and rural, industrial and mining enterprises, substation combined transformers and prefabricated transformers.

The oil weight is 30kg, and the total weight of the transformer is 210kg.

How big is a 15kVA single phase transformer?

The 15kva single-phase transformer produced by our Daelim has a cylindrical structure with a width of 520mm and a depth of 565mm. 905mm high.

So the volume is 0.27 cubic meters.

Three-phase transformer

That is, a 380v transformer. A three-phase transformer can be composed of three single-phase transformers, called a three-phase group transformer.

In this three-phase transformer group, the magnetic flux of each phase forms a loop by itself and has nothing to do with each other.

When the three-phase magnetic flux is balanced, the three-phase magneto motive force or excitation current is also symmetrical. The biggest feature of the three-phase group transformer is that the transportation of a single transformer is the smallest. For some ultra-high voltage and extra-large-capacity three-phase transformers, when manufacturing and transportation are difficult, it is more appropriate to use a three-phase group transformer. If the iron cores of the three-phase single-phase transformer are arranged in a certain geometric position, the iron cores of the three single-phase transformers can be combined into the iron core of a three-phase transformer. In the case of symmetrical supply voltage, load, the magnetic flux in the three-phase transformer will be symmetrical and equal to zero after the magnetic flux in the three-phase system. It is a popular new technology product with significant social benefits. 

Single-phase pad mount transformer

Daelim’s single-phase pad mounte transformers are designed to improve performance at kva ratings: compact size, lighter weight.

Safety and sustainability are also significantly improved.

On the basis of traditional structure and mature technology, our company has carried out a number of improvements, such as the adoption of some new attempts: helical coils, longitudinal oil passages make the internal heat dissipation better, and also improve the effective support of the coil end face and make the anti-short circuit The current capacity is stronger;

the box body also adopts a new hoisting structure and body positioning structure to ensure more reliable long-distance transportation and long-term operation;

we also have many unique and reliable technologies to serve you;

choose a transformer with a higher performance level, Its performance and technical content will also be enhanced.

As well as better electrical performance and more reliability.

The use of deep filtered transformer oil will lower the content of water, gas and impurities to ensure more reliable transformer operation.There is no power distribution room, it is a smaller box-type transformer, which can be directly placed indoors or outdoors without additional protective cover, and can also be placed in streets and green spaces. It can reliably ensure personal safety, that is, it can be used as a power supply facility or decorative The environment is widely used in residential quarters, commercial centers, stations, airports, factories, enterprises, hospitals, schools and other places. 

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How big is the 15kVA single phase pad mount transformer?

The 15kva single-phase pad mount transformer produced by our Daelim is 610mm wide and 740mm deep. 840mm high. So the volume is 0.38 cubic meters.

15kVA single phase pad mounted transformer

The 15kva single-phase pad mount transformer produced by our Daelim is an oil-immersed transformer, with an oil weight of 45kg and a total transformer weight of 294kg.

Jiangsu Daelim Electric Co.,Ltd always keep in mind that“People First, Science and Technology for Development,quality for Market and Brand name Benefit ” is the key words of one company; strict adherence to the business philosophy of honest and trustworthy”; actively develop the brand of enterprise development strategy in order to create first- class well-known enterprises supplying the high quality products and good service. Through the unremitting efforts of all the company, Daelim is achieving steady development.

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