power transformer specification for tender in Canada

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This article is a tender requirement for the 25 mva power transformer in Canada, the basic tech specification of the power transformer is: 3 phase, high voltage is 25kv low voltage is 4.16/2.4kv, the capacity is 25 mva, cooling class is ONAN/ONAF.
As a tender, the specification of the power transformer requirement will be more complex, and more detailed than directly purchase project of the power transformer or pad mounted transformers.

They have detailed requirement for the power transformer standard, the power transformer materials, specification, tap changer, accessories of the power transformer, the quality requirement,

Like the test, the certification requirement, the warranty, the schedule…..
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Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

Table of Content

For the power transformer specification requirement

Firstly, for the product specification requirement, besides the voltage, capacity, it required the copper winding, the Winding temperature, the impedance, the connection, the BIL for HV line end, LV line end, and LV neutral. For the accessories, they need Pressure relief device, Oil level indicator, Oil temperature indicator, Winding temperature indicator, Sudden pressure, Vacuum pressure gauge, all of them need the one or two contacts to alarm or trip.

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Second, there required the NGR(the neutral ground), as usual, this is provided by the purchaser, so we provide the bracket or mounting hole on transformer to match it. So after the customer get the dimension of the NGR, we will design the bracket or mounting hole on the drawing.

Product name

Substation Transformer

High Voltage

110kv, 121kv, 220kv or others

Low Voltage

6.3kv, 6.6kv, 10.5kv or others

Rated Capacity

6mva, 13mva, 25mva, .. 60mva



Core an Winding material

CRGO Slicon Steel Metal Core, Copper Winding

On-Load Tap Changer

Germany MR or Huaming China or Changzheng China or ABB


Provide 24 months gurantee period normally

Third, after we finished the drawing of the 25mva power transformer, the customer need us to add all of the model number of the accessories, so we updated the drawing for them to confirm; then, they asked all of the catalog for the accessories to check with the model number we put in the drawing one by one. And during this, we discussed a lot of the detailed tech specification requirement, like the Throat flange, the Current transformer….

The 25mva power transformers are used in power plant, substation and large-scale industrial enterprises etc. Our transformers are designed and manufactured with the latest technology. The transformers are conforming to IEC, ANSI, BS and other international standards. We offer customized solutions for satisfying your special requirements.

About the accessories of the 25kv power transformer

1. The HV bushing is 25kv 417A, and the LV bushing is 5kv 2000A,


After discussed with client, we found, this is a replacement project, they provided the existing drawings, but because it is the design before a lot of years, so there are so many detailed tech specification requirement need to be changed, for the tank, Tank colour required be Alouette blue, it is a special requirement, as usual, the power transformer color should be grey as the standard, also there have the pink one we saw before, it maybe used for the Amusement park or kindergarten. for the bolt, need to match the dimension; the LV flange, (the Throat flange) need to match the LV bushing dimension; for the LV terminal, need to check their existing cables units; need to confirm the matching of the cabinet (dimension, height, gland plate dimensions and location, type & rating of internal components, etc.). Fan control enclosure need to be NEMA 4X rated.


The dimension and the package of the power transformer when shipping

We can check the dimension in the drawing of the power transformer, the Length is 2832mm. The Width is 3835mm, the Height is 3157mm. As we know, the size of the 20 GP is about 5900 x 2300 x 2300 mm, the size of 40 GP is about 11950 x 2300 x 2300 mm, so they will be disassembled for transport, like the radiator, the bushings……

The packaging of the equipment and the spare parts of the power transformer must comply with all safety regulations considering its characteristics and the applicable regulations, including NIMF Nº 15 that regulates the wooden packaging used in international trade and that describes the phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introduction and / or spread of pests related to wood packaging.

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The delivery time of the power transformer

The delivery time we provide is 12-13 weeks after confirmation the drawings for this 25 kv power transformer, it is a competitive lead time for the market now, also we can support the best price for our clients, with our competitive lead time and price, we have already won a lot of tender in Canada and USA. With this increasing demand of the power transformer.
We can provide you our best lead time compared with the manufacturers in USA or Canada local. Used the competitive lead time, we can help our clients win a lot of projects, the detailed production time also based on the capacity of the power transformers, and the quantity.

The equipment shall be completely assembled and tested before shipment, disassembled if required for shipment and all parts match-marked to facilitate assembly and erection. The unit shall be suitably braced and packed for shipping to prevent breakage and distortion which in transit. All crates, boxes and cartons shall be clearly marked so that equipment can be readily identified. Shipping invoices shall show the crate, box or carton identification number. 

The Warranty of the power transformer

As we know, almost the manufacturer usually can provide 1 year warranty, for DAELIM, we can provide 2 years warranty for power transformer to our clients. So we have confident for our quality, and we provide the accessories are no problem with high quality, so we can promise 2 years warranty. The accessories we already exported for many times. To let our clients feel confident for us!

The after sales service of the power transformer

We have North America partner to provide the after sales service to the power transformer with the pad mounted transformer. Also, our quality of the power transformer is very stable, will not have problem in quality, once have, and confirm it is because of our power transformer quality, we will let our engineer to support our client to check and have the video meeting to help our clients to solve the problems of the power transformer use and install.

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One of our power transformers has applied the CSA certification before, so our quality is no problem. Before delivery, we will do the type test based on the standard, after no problem, we will deliver the power transformers.

Let’s know learn more about the AUSTRALIA CUSTOMER

The DRAWING APPROVING PLAN of the power transformer

1. Approval drawings / documents time is about 4-6 weeks after receive the order of the power transformer.

2. Approved/Commented drawings documents by the customer is around 1 week after receive the drawings of the power transformer from the supplier.

3. Updated drawings / documents from factory within 2 weeks after receive the comments of the power transformer design from the customer

4. Approved drawings / documents from the customer need about 1 week after receive the updated drawings of the power transformer

5. Certified drawings 2 weeks after receive the approved drawings of the power transformer from the customer.

6. After confirm the drawing of the power transformer, approved and sign send from client, will start the production of the power transformer.

The price of the power transformer

There are many factors that affect the power transformer price, such as the winding material of the power transformer, the material of the oil tank of the power transformer, and most importantly, the requirements of the accessories of the power transformer. If the requirement of the accessories of the power transformer is specify brand, like ABB, or MR, or Qualitrol, these accessories need import, so they will impact the lead time and the price of the power transformer.

First, the material of the winding for the power transformer, if the requirement is cu, the price will much higher, if the winding is AL, the price will lower.If the capacity of the power transformer is more than 3000kva, the winding should be cu. Because if the winding is AL, with large capacity, the size of the power transformer will bigger, may can’t ship by container.

Second, the material of the tank for the power transformer, if the tank is stainless steel, the price will much higher, if the tank required carbon steel, the price will lower.

The stainless steel price will higher than the normal steel for the power transformer tank.

Third, the insulation oil of the power transformer is a very important influencing factor for the price, there are two type oil, one is mineral oil, the other one is vegetable oil. The vegetable oil will more expensive than the mineral oil, because the vegetable oil is more safe than the mineral oil.

Fourth, the other one important influencing factor to the power transformer price is the accessories. The common accessories of the power transformer are 1. Oil level gauge, 2. oil thermometer, 3. Vacuum pressure gauge  4. Vacuum pressure gauge, 5. Winding Thermometer, 6. sudden pressure relay, 7. pressure relief device…
There will have different brand requirement, if have no requirement of the power transformer, no specify brand, we will provide our solution, our accessories are all high quality, we exported them for a long time, we will use the best brand made in China.

If there have requirement for the power transformer, with contact, or required the import accessories, the price will much higher, and the lead time will longer.
Fifth, the test. We will do the routine test if have no request, as the standard. We can meet the CSA standard, IEEE standard, IEC standard…

1. Recently, with the rise of cryptocurrency mining, the demand for the pad mounted transformer or small substation transformer and power transformer in the US and Canadian markets has grown rapidly. It will be a good opportunity for us.
2. Recently we have received a lot of inquiries for Cryptocurrency mining transformers from the United States, Canada and other countries.

DAELIM also exported many units for NA market Cryptocurrency mining projects. Both of the pad mounted transformers, the substation transformers and the power transformers…
3. We have many experience in the pad mounted transformer project with the power transformer projects, we could provide a great price and delivery time with our best service.

So if you have other pad mounted or substation projects in your hand, welcome to discuss together.

power transformer specification (5)

According to the number of windings, it can be divided into two-winding transformers and three-winding transformers. The transformer is usually a two-winding transformer, i.e. there are two windings on the core, one for the primary and one for the secondary. Three-winding transformer Large-capacity transformers (above 5600 kVA) connect three power lines of different voltages. In special cases, more windings are also applied.

According to the structure of the classification form, it can be divided into iron core transformer and transformer steel. Compared with the winding encapsulation of iron core type transformers around the core; since the core periphery is wrapped in the winding transformer steel. But the two are slightly different in structure, and there is no essential difference in principle. Power transformers are core types.

If you have requirement for any type transformers, please feel free contact us, we are here provide support for you!

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