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3 phase transformer is most popular transformer all over the world, as a market leader in China, Daelim is able to manufacturer 3 phase transformers and do our best to satisfy any requirements for wide range of any specification. 

The normalized manufacturing processes  of the 3 phase transformer is a outstanding advantage and characteristic of daelim, allowing broad quality control of the different production standards, also the flexibility and competitive of lead times.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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3 phase transformer brief introduction: 

3 phase substation transformer adopts Dyn11 and Yyn0 connection group is determined according to your clients requirements. Compared with Yyn0, the advantages of 3 phase transformer Dyn11 are as follows: reduce transformer loss; reduce harmonic components; facilitate the removal of single-phase grounding short-circuit fault; single-phase unbalanced load can be fully utilized. 

Using fully new and very high quality silicon steel sheet f 0.35 thickness H18, H14, H12, Z11, we choose suitable materials according to customer requirements and use conditions as power transformers’ main material, so that the performance design of the transformer can meet customer requirements. 

3 phase transformer product description:

1. Rated capacity:

 Up to 60MVA

2. Rated voltage and high voltage tap range: 

Up to 230KV, can be customized according to customer requirements

3. Number of phases: 

3 phases transformer

4. Frequency

50HZ/ 60HZ

5. Connection group label:

 Dyn11, Yyn0. other requirements

6. Impedance:

 5.75% or other requirements

7. Winding: 

2 Wndings transformer

3 phase transformer conditions of use:

1. Ambient temperature: -50℃~+50℃

2. Altitude <=1000m

3. Other content beyond the provisions of this technical condition shall be dealt with through consultation between the user and the technical department of our company, and shall be indicated when ordering.

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Features of 3 phase transformer:

Safe enough, small pollution, can be directly used and installed in the load center. 

Easy to maintain, usually don’t need, easy installation and low total operating cost.

It has good moisture-avoid performance, can work and operate normally under humidity, and can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown. Small and low loss, small partial discharge, little noise, strong heat dissipation, and can run at 150% rated power under ONAF. 

Here is a also a complete temperature protection control system equipped with transformer to provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transformer. High reliability. 

Based on the operation research of the power transformers that already have been put into operation, the reliability indicators of the 3 phase power transformer have reached the international advanced level. 

3 phase transformer advantage

The 3 phase oil-immersed transformer is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly distribution transformer with an insulation grade of F. 

The product has the characteristics of flame retardant, high fire resistance, no pollution, maintenance-free, low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, easy installation, low comprehensive operating cost, strong thermal shock resistance, large enough overload capacity, and reliability.

3 phase transformer most suitable for the place below: 

The advantages of high performance, insensitivity to humidity and dust, and direct installation in the load center make it widely adaptable. It is appropriate for use in bitter environments with high fire-proof requirements, large load fluctuations and dirty and moist environments. in special circumstances.  


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3 phase 20MVA power transformer shipment:

3 phase power transformer (1)

Usually we pack the transformer tank body and bushing, radiators separately for 3 phase large capacity power transformer. It is more convenient and safe during the shipping by sea. Here is the picture to show the shipment for 3 phase high voltage transformer. 

How many units of 3 phase transformer be used?

1. Generally three-level load or power and lighting with not too large capacity should be loaded with only one transformer.

2. The principle of determining the number of main transformers is to ensure the reliability of power supply. When one of the following conditions is satisfied, two or more power transformers should be installed.

(1) When there are a large number of primary loads and although they are secondary loads but need to be set for security (such as fire protection, etc.).

(2) The period of seasonal load changes greatly.

(3) When the concentrated load is large.

For large-scale hub substations, 2 to 4 main transformers can be installed according to the specific conditions of the project. 

When installing multiple transformers, they should be appropriately grouped according to the load characteristics and changes so as to flexibly switch the corresponding transformer groups. 

Transformers should be run in a row. The neutral wire and neutral grounding wire at the low-voltage outlet end of the transformer should be laid separately. For the convenience of testing, make a detachable connection device near the transformer in the ground loop.

3. In one of the following situations, a special transformer can be installed

(1) When the lighting load is large or the shared transformer for power and lighting affects the lighting quality and lamp life a lot, a special power transformer for lighting can be installed.

(2) When a single single-phase load is large, a single-phase transformer should be installed.

(3) When the impact load is large and seriously affects the power quality, a special transformer for impact load can be installed.

(4) When the seasonal load (such as air-conditioning equipment, etc.) accounts for about 1/3 or more of the total electricity load of the project, it should be equipped with a special transformer. 

How to select the rated power for substation transformer?

3 phase power transformer (2)

1. Normal principles of 3 phase power transformer capacity selection

The transformer capacity should be selected based on the calculated load. When you are determining the capacity of a transformer, the load rate of the transformer need to be determined first. 

When the no-load loss is equal to the square of the load rate multiplied by the load loss, the transformer has the highest efficiency. At the highest efficiency point, the load rate of the transformer is between 63% and 67%. For a single transformer that supplies power to a stable load, the load rate is generally about 85%.

But this is only a conclusion drawn from the perspective of power saving, which is not comprehensive enough. Important elements to consider are the various economic costs of operating a transformer, including capital investment, annual operating costs, depreciation, taxes, insurance, and some other nominal costs. 

When choosing the transformer capacity, it is only an option to appropriately increase the load rate of the transformer to reduce the number or capacity of the transformer, that is, sacrificing the operating efficiency and reducing the primary investment.

2.When two or more main transformers are installed, the capacity of each unit should be selected according to whether any one of them is out of service, and the remaining capacity can at least guarantee the first-level load or 60-75% of the total load of the substation, usually 75% for the primary substation and 60% for the secondary substation.

The power factor of the primary side of the transformer is related to the load factor. The power factor of the primary side is 3-5% lower than that of the secondary side at full load operation, and the power factor of the primary side is 11%-18% lower than that of the secondary side when the load factor is less than 60%. 

A high load rate is beneficial to improve the power factor on the high-voltage side. The load rate is high, the circuit breaker capacity is also large, and the investment will also increase.

3.The capacity of a single transformer in the low-voltage 0.4kV substation should not be greater than 1600kVA. 

If the capacity of the electrical equipment is big, the load is concentrated and the operation is reasonable, you can select a transformer with 2000kVA rated capacity 

In recent years, some manufacturers have been able to produce large-capacity ME, AH type low-voltage circuit breakers and current-limiting low-voltage circuit breakers. 

In civil buildings, there are more transformers of 1250KVA and 1600KVA, especially 1250KVA. The capacity of the unit should not be greater than 1250KVA.

3 phase pad mount transformer 

daelim 3 phase pad mount transformer (1)

3 phase Pad mounted transformer as a well-used distribution transformer in North American, recently pad mount transformer is very booming because of the bitcoin mining project in NA market. 

The 3 phase Pad mounted transformer is also a kind of distribution transformer. The rated capacity of Pad-mounted transformers is from about 15KVA to about 5000 kVA. 

And Pad-mounted transformers operate on medium voltage distribution systems up to about 35 KV class. The capacity unit of the transformer is KVA, The voltage unit of the transformer is KVA, 1mva=1000kva.

The pad mounted transformer is to put the transformer body, high-voltage load switch, fuse and other components together in the transformer tank. 

Due to immersion in the oil, the volume of the components is greatly reduced, the structure is more compact, and the installation is convenient and flexible. 

Fully insulated, fully sealed structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate, maintenance-free. Widely used in residential quarters, high industry centers, factories and mines, airports, stations, schools and other places.

And for recent years, because of bitcoin mining is really hot in NA market especially in USA and Canada, so the pad mounted transformer is booming also and widely used for bitcoin mining machine, the crypto mining project. 

It will be a great opportunity for us to break our cooperation with you all, during our discussion with the project, we can know about each other, we can give you the best support in price, technical, the lead time to show our power and sincerity, and you also can show us your power, during this process, we will study a lot from each other and know more about the market.

The characteristic of the pad mounted transformer

1) the first character for the pad mounted transformer is compact structure, small size, convenient and flexible installation;

2) Totally insulated, totally sealed structure, safe and reliable, free to maintenance, and reliable to protect personal safety is the second feature for the pad mounted transformer;

3) The high-voltage side is protected by double fuses, among which the fuse of the bayonet fuse as plug in fuse and the backup fuse is a current-limiting fuse, which reduces the operating cost;

4) The high-voltage input line adopts the cable connector structure, which is totally insulated, safe enough and reliable, and easy operation;

5) The pad mounted transformer can be used for ring network and also terminal, the convenient conversion, and the reliability of power supply is improved.

6) The pad mounted transformer is a three-phase three-legged or three-phase five-legged structure, and the iron core of the pad mounted transformer adopts a stepped seam process or a wound iron core procedure, which has low noise, little loss, and strong resistance to short circuit and overload.

7) Using special process of vacuum drying and vacuum oil injection

8) The pad mounted transformer cabinet can adopt corrosion protection design and special paint treatment according to the requirements of the ambient environment, and has the functions of “three defenses”, that is, condensation protection, salt protection spray, and anti-mold functions, and can meet the anti-corrosion requirements in high temperature and high humidity environments.

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The special advantage of the pad mounted transformer

Small in size, compact structure; fully sealed oil tank, total insulated design, safe enough and reliable operation; both ring network and terminal power supply can be used, easy to operate, reliable power supply; 

daelim 3 phase pad mount transformer (2)

Strong overload capacity, excellent anti-sudden short-circuit performance; good impact resistance; energy saving , low loss, not higher than the new S9 loss value; cable head can operate 200A load current, long mechanical life and electrical life. 

The pad mounted transformer have stable quality and easy to be installation, generally no quality problems.

The pad mounted transformer package: usually, for larger capacity, will use the wollden cases, for small capacity, we usually use wollden pallet. Everyone need to be fumigated, with the type test report before ship, if there have no question and no problem, we will prepare to ship them to our clients.

The advantage of Daelim transformer to provide you the pad mount transformer

We Daelim transformer can offer you the best price, lead time and also service of pad mount transformer under IEEE/CSA/IEC standards. And we have rich experience of exporting pad mounted transformer all over the world including North American market, especially in USA and Canada. 

We can offer you our professional solution and also drawing(outline drawing and nameplate drawing) for your project. 
We won a lot of projects for the bitcoin mining projects and crypto mining projects, also with some tenders for the pad mounted transformer in Canada and USA, after done these projects, we have rich experience in the price and market and lead time for our customers in USA and Canada, our price is competitive, we can provide 8-9 weeks lead time for 10 units pad mounted transformers. 

Our Daelimers can provide the best service for you, we will be here sovle your question and provide support for you anytime 24/7.

For now, we are applying the UL certification for the 15kv class pad mounted transformer and 35kv class pad mounted transformer.

What is the High voltage load-break switch of the pad mount transformer

The load-break switch of the pad mounted transformer is placed inside the transformer oil tank. The oil-immersed three-phase linkage switch can be divided into two positions (radial feed type) and four positions (loop feed type). Load break switches generally use to vacuum circuit breakers.

The maintain of the pad mounted transformer

After the installation and use of the pad mount transformer, basically there is no maintenance required. But the oil tank of the pad mount transformer is exposed to the outside, it should be inspected frequently to prevent oil leakage due to damage under external force collision. 

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