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This article is for the requirement for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, as a pad mounted transformer manufacturer and exporter with rich experience in China, we won a lot of projects for pad mounted transformer, mini substation transformer, power transformer etc…both directly purchase project and the tender, Daelim and our clients support each other to win them.
The example is a bid for 44kv 1500 kva pad mounted transformer in Canada

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

Table of Content

Part 1: General for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

The part 1 for the bid document requirement for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer is General, there will have standard requirement for the whole 1500 kva pad mounted transformer and the standard for the accessories like the bushings, the test and the efficiency…

The customer will write the drawing request in the general, they will need us to Submit Shop Drawings and product data in accordance. In the drawings, should Indicate the Dimensioned positions of the mounting devices, the Dimensioned positions of the terminations. The Identified internal and external component layout on assembly drawing, and the Insulating liquid capacity. Besides them, we need to Provide certificates of compliance with the requirements to demonstrated the ability to function after the test before the delivery, we should finish and pass all of the type test as requirement.

Part 2: The 44kv 1500 kva pad mounted transformer product requirement

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First should be the CHARACTERISTICS of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, they will show the detailed tech specification requirement, the capacity is 1500 kva, the high voltage is 44 kv, the low voltage is 480v, the Liquid cooled transformer to be ONAN, 3phase, and the frequency. Include the impedance, the BIL etc… According above information, we can identify this bid is for a 1500 kva pad mounted transformer.

As always, the tap should be ±2×2.5%, it is same as the requirement in the CSA standard.

The second, there will have detailed requirement for the connection of the high voltage bushings and low voltage bushings for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, As CSA C227.4 standard for the bushings, if it is dead front, shall meet the dimensional and electrical requirement of IEEE 386. The low voltage shall be the spade type, so they will be named as low voltage terminals. If there have no requirement, the number of the holes have standard requirement in the CSA standard.
Third, they will always have the oil type requirement, the widely used for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer are FR3 oil (or vegetable oil) and the mineral oil. If the insulating oil is FR3 or vegetable oil, the cooling type for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer should be KNAN, if the insulating oil is mineral oil, the cooling type should be ONAN.

Let’s know learn more about the AUSTRALIA CUSTOMER

Part 3: The accessories for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

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1. liquid level gauge for 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, if it with the alarm contacts and tripped contacts, it should be a protection device, when the liquid is in the lowest level, the liquid level gauge will alarm or trip.

2. liquid temperature gauge for 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, if it with the alarm contacts and tripped contacts, it should be a protection device, when the liquid temperature is in the highest level, the liquid temperature gauge will alarm or trip.

3. Winding temperature gauge for 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, if it with the alarm contacts and tripped contacts, it should be a protection device, when the winding temperature is in the highest level, the liquid temperature gauge will alarm or trip.

4. Pressure relief device for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer, there are different type for the pressure relief device, like the pressure relief valve should be little ring, and the pressure relief device can be a disc type in the top cover.

5. Others accessories include Rapid pressure rise relay, the pressure-vacuum gauge etc…

Part 4: The test for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

As the CSA C227.4 standard, there have the type test, and the other test. Our solution will include the routine test as standard, 1). Resistance, 2). temperature rise; 3). Impulse strength; 4). radio influence voltage; 5). short-circuit; 6). transformer integrity; 7) audible sound.

1) The Resistance testis a design test for distribution transformers rated 2500kva and smaller and a routine test for distribution transformer rated greater than 2500kva.

2) Ratio test on the rated voltage connection and on all tap positions as listed on the nameplate. For multiple winding or dual voltage units, ratio tests shall be performed on all connections.

3) Polarity and phase relation tests on the rated voltage connection.

4) No load losses at 105% rated voltage;

5) Exciting current at 105% rated voltage;

6) Load  loss and impedance st rated current, on the rated voltage connection, corrected to 85℃. This test shall be performed on the high-voltage connection that has the highest measured loss value;

7) And other tests

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Parts 5: The INSTALLATION for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

The installation should in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If building a cast concrete pad instead of a precast manhole, ensure the concrete pad is fully cured for 28 days before installing the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer.

Use the spreader on the sling when hoisting the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer into place.

Set up and fix the transformer in a rigid, vertical and square position.Make sure the internal connections are mechanically tight. Make connections at the high and low voltage terminals. Connect the transformer ground terminal to the system ground.

Fill the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer with metal hose as needed, and ensure care is taken to prevent contamination of the liquid and components.Set the tap to produce the rated secondary voltage at no load.

Connect one set of contacts on the liquid temperature measurement device to sound an alarm when an unsafe condition is reached, and connect a second set of contacts to the trip transformer circuit breaker.

Power up the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer and verify that the phase rotation on the secondary side of the transformer is correct. For transformer replacement, check the phase rotation before removing the existing transformer and after installing the new transformer. Phase rotation checks should be performed using the same rotometer.

The DELIVERABLES requirement for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

1. The 1500 kva pad mounted transformer and all related components

2. List of recommended parts for onsite installation of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

3. Manufacturer Instructions of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

4. Factory Acceptance Tests of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

5. Technical Manuals and drawings of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer 

6. Storage conditions of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

7.  Maintenance recommendations of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

8. Schedule including Factory Acceptance Tests and Shipping of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

9. Warranty certificates of the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

The application for the 1500 kva pad mounted transformer

The 1500 kva pad mounted transformer are widely used for the cryptocurrency mining, we have rich experience in the pad mounted transformer for cryptocurrency mining projects, the most used for it is 2500kva or 3000kva. Also the substation transformer also widely used for the BTC mining.

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With the rise of cryptocurrency mining, the demand for the pad mounted transformer or small substation in the US and Canadian markets has grown rapidly.

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries for Cryptocurrency mining transformers from the United States, Canada and other countries. DAELIM also exported many units for NA market Cryptocurrency mining projects.

And the pad mounted transformers can be used for the solar, the These pad-mounted transformers are filled with a more environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sustainable FR3 dielectric fluid for improved fire protection and longer life. These solar and energy storage transformers are rated at 45-12,000 kVA and can also be customized with various site-specific characteristics to optimize safety and system integration.

For solar transformers, unlike conventional transformers, solar transformers need to add electrostatic shielding between high voltage and low voltage. There are two types of step-up transformers and step-down transformers.

Daelim Transformer can provide our best price and best lead time also with the best service. We have rich experience in the pad mounted transformer and substation transformer used to Cryptocurrency mining and solar….

Daelim also designs, manufactures and exports single-phase pad transformer. Choose your DOE Energy Efficient Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer.

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