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1000 KVA Transformer Mini Substation Transformer Booming In NA Market

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Daelim have been exporting transformers including 1000KVA pad mount transformer 2000 KVA pad mount transformer and also 2500KVA pad mounted transformer, 1000 KVA mini substation transformer  to all over the world over 15 years, we have rich experience in this industry, and we exported to many countries including USA, Canada, Australia, South American, Philippine ect.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What is the KVA means of 1000 KVA transformer?

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Kilo Volt Ampere (KVA) refers to a unit that refers to a capacity of power devices such as transformers, motors, etc. In the AC circuit, voltage (kV) * current (A) = capacity (kVA). The capacity of the transformer is expressed in Kilo Volt Ampere (KVA).
The rated capacity refers to the main point to connect to the conventional value of the power.

The capacity specified on the nameplate of the transformer is the rated capacity, which means that the pointing switch is located at the main division, which is the product of the rated no-load voltage, the rated current and the corresponding phase coefficient.
For three-phase transformers, the rated capacity is equal to = 3 × rated phase voltage × phase current, and the rated capacity is generally expressed in KVA or MVA.
The actual output capacity is a voltage when there is a load (when the sensitive load is loaded, the voltage is less than the rated no-load voltage), the product of the rated current and the corresponding coefficient.
Kilowatt refers to the power of an electrical appliance, that is, the unit of the power. 

The rated capacity represents the guaranteed value of the transformer output power under the rated operating conditions, and is the dependent power of the transformer.
That is, the power of the transformer outputs the maximum electric power, and cannot be confused with the actual output power of the transformer.

The unit is volt ampere(VA), KiloVolt Ampere(KVA), mega volt ampere(MVA).

What is main type 1000 KVA transformer?

1000 KVA transformer---Dry type

Dry type cast resin transformers are widely used in local illumination, high-rise buildings, airports, terminal CNC mechanical equipment and other places. Simple dry transformers refer to transformers that do not impregnate in insulating oils in the iron core and wounds.

The cooling method is divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). When natural is air-cooled, the transformer can run continuously under the rated capacity. When forced air cooling, the transformer output capacity can increase by 50%.
Suitable for intermittent overload operation, or overload operation of emergency accidents; due to large load loss and impedance voltage growth, it is in a non-economical operation, so it should not be operated for a long time.

1000 KVA transformer---Oil type transformer

The oil immersion transformer is a new high-performance transformer with more reasonable and more excellent performance. Its stereo iron core is a stereo arrangement of the three core columns, and there is no air gap in the magnetic circuit, and the winding is more tight.
The three magnetic circuit lengths are consistent, the shortest, the cross-sectional area of the core column is closer to the circle, so the performance is further improved, the loss, noise reduction, three balance, reduce three harmonic components, this product is more Applicable to urban and rural, industrial enterprise grid transformation, more suitable for combined transformers and pre-assembled substations transformers.
The oil immersion transformer uses the oil as the main insulation means, and relies on oil-based cooling media, such as oil soaking from cold, oil-resistant, oil-cooled cold and forced oil circulation.
The main components of the transformer have iron cores, windings, tanks, conservator, breather, explosion-proof tubes (pressure relief valves), radiators, insulating bushings, tap changer, gas relays, thermometers, cleaner, etc.
The oil immersion transformer silicon steel is interposed due to long-term immersion transformer, and the oil can penetrate therein, and the transformer oil has elastic buffer effect, so the sound of oil immersion transformer is small.
The 1000 KVA substation transformer and 1000 KVA pad mount transformer are welled used for customer in North American market.

The main accessories of substation power transformer---1000 KVA transformer including: 

A. Core:

The iron core is composed of silicon steel with good magnetic properties, which forms a magnetic flux closure road, and a secondary winding of the transformer is around the core.
The transformer core is divided into two structures of core and shell, and currently widely used transformers are core structure.
Core, south iron core column and iron yoke composition. The inside of the iron core of the oil immersion transformer has an oil passage of the cooling core, which facilitates the transformer oil circulation, and also enhances the heat dissipation effect of the equipment.

B. Winding:

The winding is also known as the coil, and is a conductive circuit of the transformer, and the copper wire or aluminum wire is made to a multi-layer cylindrical shape.
First, the secondary winding concentric on the core column, in order to insulate, generally low voltage windings are inside, and the high voltage windings outside.
The insulating material is outside of the wire to ensure the insulation between the wires and wire, also the wire and ground.

C. tank

The tank is an outer casing of an oil immersion transformer, which is used to remove the oil and is also used to install other components.

D. Tap Changer

The tap changer device is set to ensure the secondary voltage stability of the transformer. When the power supply voltage changes, the transformer is adjusted by the tap changer to ensure stability of the secondary side output voltage.
The pressure regulating device is divided into two types of on load tap changer devices and off circuit devices.

E. Radiator

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The radiator is mounted on the tank wall, and the upper and lower portions are connected to the tank, and the upper oil temperature of the transformer is in temperature difference, and the convection of the oil is formed by the heat sink to cool the fuel tank through the heat sink.
Temperature effect. In order to improve the cooling effect, measures such as cold, forced air-cooled and forced water cooling can be used.

F. conservator

The conservator is also known as the oil cabinet. The transformer oil causes thermal expansion and shrinkage due to temperature changes, and the oil surface will also rise or decline with temperature changes.
The role of the conservator is to give the oil’s thermoforship, the oil is kept, and the oil tank is always filled with oil; at the same time, due to the conservator, the contact area of the oil and air can be reduced, and the oxidation of the oil can be slowed.

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G. Buchholz relay

Buchholz relay is also known as gas relay, is the main protection device in the internal fault of the transformer, which is mounted in the middle of the tank and the conservator.
When a serious failure occurs inside the transformer, the buchholz relay is turned on the circuit breaker trip; when there is no serious failure inside the transformer, the buchholz relay turns on the fault signal circuit.

H. Insulating bushings

High, low insulating bushing is located on the top cover of the transformer oil, and the oil immersion transformer generally uses a porcelain insulation bushing.
The effect of the insulating bushings is to keep the high and low voltage winding leads with the tank to maintain good insulation and the lead is fixed.

I. Explosion-proof tube

Explosion-proof tubes are also known as safe airways, mounted on the tank of the transformer, and the exports are sealed with glass deficient film.
When a serious fault occurs inside the transformer and the gas relay fails, the gas inside the fuel tank has broken through the glass explosion-proof membrane from the safety airway to prevent the transformer from exploding. 

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Quality of 1000 KVA transformer

And we have long-term cooperation customer, we have professional engineer team to control the quality and there also a lot of FAT testing before ship it out. These aspects can show that our product with good quality.
If there is a quality problem, we will discuss the problem with you as soon as possible, after confirming that the equipment is caused by the quality of our products. After it cannot be used, it can be arranged to return to the factory for repair or replacement.
Our all power transformers will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the test is qualified, and will be sent to the customer after no problem, and we will also send you a factory test report. On-site testing.

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After sales service of 1000 KVA transformer 

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Our all power transformers have 2 year warranty, and our sales team always keep in touch to service customer well.
And we also have the after sales cooperation partner in NA market. They are a reliable and professional after-sales maintenance service team, and they will definitely arrive at the scene as soon as possible and solve your any problem.

Drawing to check of 1000 KVA transformer

We will offer our customer the drawing of 1000KVA mini substation transformer as reference before to see our ability and then after placing the order will send the actual drawing of mini substation transformer which the customer purchased for confirm and sign.
After customer’s confirm, we will put the order in our production schedule soon, and our factory will start production immediately.
And our team of engineers will strictly control the quality, the use of raw materials, and every process of production, make sure to satisfy customers and make products that customers think are perfect!
In the process of confirming the 1000KVA mini substation transformer drawings, the customer needs the model specifications and samples of each accessory.
We mark it on the drawing and update it to the customer. The accompanying samples are also sent to the customer for confirmation one by one, to ensure that the customer recognizes us and cancels All concerns of customers.

Technical data sheet of a 1000 KVA transformer.

We offer the mini substation transformer according to customer’s specification, and also our engineer team will evaluate it to issue technical data sheet for customer check if we meet their requirement or not.
Our sales team and engineer team will provide customers with the most satisfactory technical parameters in strict accordance with customer requirements.

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Package during the shipment of a 1000KVA transformer.

The power transformer will be well packed in a wooden box to prevent the dangerous during the shipment, and also the water transport is not so easy to bump.
If we are responsible for booking the ship, we will communicate with the freight forwarder to get the best price and the fastest shipping schedule to the customer.
If the customer is responsible for booking the ship, we will actively communicate with the customer’s Chinese freight forwarder and actively cooperate. to ensure that the goods can be transported smoothly and safely
And because of the bitcoin mining project is booming in NA market, the mini substation transformer and pad mount transformer also well used by bitcoin miner.
Especially the 1000kVA mini substation transformer and pad mount transformer with 15KV, 25KV and 35KV class voltage in North America.

The project cases of mini substation transformer used in bitcoin mining industry.

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Below are 4 units 2500KVA mini substation transformer with 13.8KV to 415V using in bitcoin mining from our customer’s feedback, it is a North American project, it works very well. 

Since we provide the best delivery time and best service, customers are also very satisfied with the quality of our products, so we decided to return the order again,We also look forward to cooperating with customers again, and will still provide customers with the best service, the best delivery time, and the best price.
We have a lot of experience in transformer projects for virtual currency, and can solve their problems for customers and meet their needs and requirement.

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